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online reputation management

Repair and Manage Your Online Reputation

Don't let negative content affect your professional and personal life. Take control today.

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We specialize in dealing with unwanted search results


Images and Videos

  • Images and photos
  • Mugshots
  • Videos
  • Other media


News, Press, Blogs

  • News articles
  • Press coverage
  • Gossip sites
  • Blog posts


Online Complaints

  • Ripoff Reports
  • Pissed Consumers
  • Unfair rants and complaints
  • Reputation bashing sites


Online Reviews

  • Glassdoor  reviews
  • Yelp reviews
  • Google my business 
  • Facebook reviews

Don't let negative or outdated content ruin your reputation

We clean up your search results

Replace outdated and irrelevant search results. Build, establish and maintain an online presence that increases your earning potential, professional opportunities and even personal connections.

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We protect your online reputation from anyone trying to damage your name.

Your first page search results are coveted. In order to protect this, it is a priority for us to establish a high authority profile for the protected name. This is critical for the long term protection of your online reputation. It protects your coveted first page of search results from anyone trying to damage your good name with negative content online. 

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We build you a high authority online reputation

 We create attractive and valuable content that focuses on showcasing your attributes. This means that online reputation repair is less about cleanup and more about positive promotion.

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What does Google say about your Business Reputation?

Managed Services for Google Search Results

Manage your business’s reputation on Yelp, Glassdoor, Google, and other sites.

Managed Online Reviews

Before deciding where to go for a product or service, three out of four customers trust online reviews.

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Resolve Reputation Issues Fast With Action

Exceed industry benchmarks for fast service using insight from customer experience data across all digital channels.

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We build you a high authority online presence

NewReputation online reputation mangement
Brand Promotion

Popular Features:

  • Personal website
  • Expert SEO
  • Expert article writers
  • Directory listing management
  • Expert press release
  • Socila media adviser

Modern wireless technology illustration with a computer device
Reputation Repair

Popular Features:

  • Bury negative search results
  • Remove Negative Images
  • Online Review Management
  • Ripoff Reports
  • Pissed Consumers
  • Unfair rants and complaints
  • Reputation bashing sites

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Reputation Protection

Popular Features:

  • Protect your personal information against identity theft
  • Protect your search results
  • Defend against reputation attacks
  • Glassdoor  reviews
  • Yelp reviews
  • Google my business 
  • Facebook reviews

Customer Stories

Hundreds of people trust us to deliver perfection every day. We monitor your online reputation score through a number of categories and provide you monthly reports on your progress.

Reputation Score
"I’ve tried using different online reputation services. The computer is not my strong side. There is excellent support behind NewReputation and people to walk you through it. If you have any questions, they’ll go over that and explain to you how to do that."

Louis D, Chicago

"I'm glad I finally made the decision to promote myself online. I was always extremely shy and private and needed to improve my career. NewReputation made it so easy for me to look great online."
Susan T.
Boston, Ma

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we begin?

Our reputation management process consists of 4 steps. Research, development, content, promote. We will begin with a detailed analysis of any online assets that you currently own and how they are performing. Then we will analyze the sentiment around your brand and determine a strategy to maximize your positive attributes. This is started with a 30 minute consultation to learn more about you and your goals. 

Are search engines an important part of reputation management?

If there is negative information about a company or a person ranking on the search engines, it can dissuade users from visiting a site or purchasing a product or service from that company. This ultimately deters customers from using your services and causes them to choose a competitor that doesn’t have negative reviews or information online. Search engines are very powerful in making or breaking an online reputation.

How can I protect against reputation attacks?

A strategy must be made to determine how to guard against these attacks, what the nature of the attack is, and also where it is coming from. The strategy must include search engine optimization tactics, the goal of which is to get the negative information about a person or company on the internet out of public view.

What are keywords?

As a NewReputation profile owner, you want the keywords on your page to be relevant to what people are searching for so they have a better chance of finding your content among the results.

For example, if you are a real estate agent, you want your profile to appear for search results related to buying a home in your area. Your keyword is a word or phrase that your audience is most likely to search for when they are trying to find you. By optimizing your profile around the keyword, you rank high in Google as a relevant or valuable search result.

Are there custom reputation plans?

Yes! If there is a individual service that you are interested in and do not wish to choose a long term plan, simply let us know your situation and we will develop a custom plan for you. 

How does a professional SEO adviser help me?

Your SEO adviser will help you determine the keywords that you are most likely to rank for. Whether it's your name you are trying to promote, or your service, you will want to be sure the keywords chosen are properly optimized for Google. This involves creating user friendly, expert written content that is easy to read and provides value to your audience. Answering the pain points your audience is trying to find answers to. By connecting your keywords to other valuable content: How-to's, blog posts, ebooks, or videos you can position your profile as a valuable resource in the eyes of Google and your audience. 

What is a press release?

A press release is a method of distributing your content to a wider audience. Through this service, you can promote your profile to hundreds of high profile websites throughout the internet and increase your page rank by creating back links. Back links increase your credibility with Google and will increase your page rank. While also getting your name and information out to more people across the internet.

Who writes my blog posts?

Our team of content writers will work with you on ideas to create compelling information to your audience. We want to answer the pain points your audience is looking for answers for while also creating your credibility as a expert in your field. 


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